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About Us

Wide range of selection.

Whether is a new or old tired, you can get it from our store. We carry all types and sizes of the tires.

Stylish & High Quality Rims

Our rims is made of high quality aluminium and come with a variation of designs. It must be one can catch your desires. 

World Class Quality with lowest price in the neighbourhood.

You can feel secure and no burden on your bank card when you change the tires in our workshop. We follow strictly with international standard but give our services in the best price ever.

Our Services

Tire Changeover

  • Tire Inspection

  • Tire Balancing 

  • Tire Pressure Check



Tire Rebalancing

  • Per tire



Tire Bolt On

  • Tire Inspection

  • Tire pressure check



Tire Storage

  • Free Balancing



Tire Repair

  • Plug service

  • Patch service



Caliper Painting (All Four)

  • Price is for the common colours; red, yellow, black and silver. 

  • Please contact for custom colours

  • Include the brake rotor and drum area for $250



Wish to have a catalog?

Sure, and you can have it right away by filling up your contact info. 

You can drop by to our workshop and get the latest catalog too.

375 Danforth Rd Unit #8,

Scarborough, ON M1L 3X8

Need a quote?

You can ask a quote for anything. 

Free and no hidden cost.

Company Reg. Number

Customer Services

Phone:  647-871-2393​


375 Danforth Rd Unit #8,

Scarborough, ON M1L 3X8

Hours of operation:

Monday-Saturday 9:30am-7:30pm

Sunday: Closed

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